Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Name of Airline: KiteFlyers
This is a project undertaken for a new airline company entering the Indian market. 
Kite is both a predatory bird and an aircraft attached to a teather. Associated with height, power and backed by Indian tradition, the kite is a great way to represent an airline brand.
Since there is a strong need to break out of the clutter, I have decided to take an approach that represents innovation. With Origami-the Chinese paper craft as the inspiration, I have incorporated it’s essence into my logo. Moreover, since the brand intends to host games and encourage interaction with the passengers during the flight, I believe using Origami folds in the decor and presentation, would add a shot of surprise and a hint of nostalgia to the entire experience.
The colours are warm, refreshing and invigorating, intended to make the consumer feel special. 




I designed this logo for PETA - the shoe brand that is in the business of anti-leather footwear. I've depicted the buffalo in a style that's reminiscent of the Mohanjodaro era, giving it a very rustic look. It seeks to draws into the collective unconscious of the viewer, thus motivating her/him into purchasing the product.

Friday, September 27, 2013

MINDDRIVE Social Fuel Tour

We were shown this video in class yesterday.
It didn't make much of an impact then.
However when I saw it again a few minutes back, I understood the out-of-the-box thought behind the project and it would be an understatement to say it set a benchmark for ideation!

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

illustrations and me

Down in the dumps, high on life or plain bored... paper, tabletops, tissues and walls... I didn't need a medium or a reason to scrawl.

From doodling fashion figures on the last page of my hindi textbook, to "sharpened pencil and eraser sketches" in Art Class, my passion for bringing to life vivid, bright renditions of the fantastic female form knows no bounds!

This is an illustration I did for an ensemble I designed while I was studying Fashion. Will post pictures of the final garment soon!



Knit Your Very Own Fairytale

Believe it or not, I was once a Knitwear Designer, and in my heart I probably always will be!

One of my favourite assignments in flat knits is the one I have attached below!


My Work at FashionAndYou

Hey Guys,

So yesterday was my first attempt at designing a website for the self!!! And its then that I realised the importance of quitting the act of procrastination and getting on to work! 

Since my design had a very prominent link to a "blog" and my blog didn't have much written on it apart from frustration at the country (and more), it seemed only logical that I upload every ready piece of work at the earliest!

The following link connects you to my work at e commerce website FashionAndYou. It includes explorations as well as final creatives.

Hope you enjoy it!